Hackers takeover Super Junior Donghae’s Instagram and unfollow 2NE1 Sandara Park

Irritated by a hacker sneaking onto and messing with his Instagram account, Super Junior member Donghae posted a message on the account to deter anyone from hacking his account in the future. 

The singer posted a picture of a dark room on his Instagram account on April 2nd but the main message of the post was in his caption and wrote, “Don’t get hacked!!!!

The singer recently had his account compromised, and although the hacker did not do anything malicious to his account, the hacker did unfollow several people, including 2NE1‘s Dara.

With over 2 million followers on Instagram, Donghae definitely has a lot of fans, who supported him in his message against hackers. Hopefully, the hacker has read Donghae’s message and will stop trying to access the singer’s account.

해킹하지마세요 !!!!

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