“Superman is Back” unveils preview for next week’s episode featuring Ryu Hyun Jin

Baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin makes a surprise appearance on the next episode of Superman is Back. 

On the January 4th broadcast of Superman is Back, a preview for next week’s guest was revealed and featured Ryu Hyun Jin showing his skills for Song Il Guk’s triplets. Ryu Hyun Jin was tasked to look after the triplets as they played in the Dodgers-themed playet, raising the expectations of their audiences.

Officials of the program further revealed that Ryu Hyun Jin participated in the filming for an episode and lived with Song Il Guk in the same apartment, further asking fans to anticipate his appearance on the program.

On the same preview clip, snippets from Lee Hwi Jae’s little vacation with his twin were also aired, as he introduced his sons to sledding.

Catch the full preview of the episode here.

Source: Newsen