Suzy Stuns With Behind-The-Scene Photos From Guess Photo Shoot

Suzy is truly a queen.

Suzy is known to have flawless visuals in and out of the limelight and photo shoots are no exception! Fans were stunned yet again by the behind-the-scene photos from her Guess photo shoot. Here’s the catch: these photos were taken with a phone. These phone photos prove to show what she would look like if we were to see her in person and let’s just say these look like they could be the actual photo shoot shots!

Flawless beauty

Cute and Chic

Playful vibes

Subtle Charisma

Perfect girlfriend image

Sexy yet classy

What’s not to love?

For comparison, here are some of the photos from the actual photo shoot!

Do you see any difference with these photos? We don’t! Suzy truly is Korea’s visual sweetheart!