[★VIDEO] Suzy displays her simplistic and cozy lifestyle for NYLON TV

miss A‘s Suzy appears on the latest clip for NYLON TV displaying her natural beauty and at-home fashion.

Suzy recently released the photo shoot for her cozy and casual pictorial. Titled, “You make me smile,” NYLON also revealed a video version of Suzy’s photoshoot which includes additional styles of clothing.

In the video, Suzy is wearing less makeup than usual for a bareface look, and puts on every day but comfy clothing. The singer is seen lounging around in a a simple t-shirt and pants as well as over sized clothing. She carries out normal every day routines and adds on some more lighthearted and carefree scenes. Suzy shows her playful yet natural side in the latest photoshoot for NYLON.

Meanwhile, recently the singer lost in a lawsuit against an online shopping mall which violated her publicity rights.

Check out her photo shoot: