Sweet Sorrow says “You Are My Everything” in “Girl Who Sees Smell” OST

On April 28th, Sweet Sorrow shared the music video for their song “You Are My Everything” as the sixth track to join the soundtrack of Girl Who Sees Smell.

Featuring the vocals of powerhouse group Sweet Sorrow, “You Are My Everything” has an equally impressive team behind it with lyricist and co-producer Sentimental Girl who also wrote the lyrics for TVXQ’s “My Little Princess” and Jang Nara’s “I’m A Woman Too.” Neighborhood Man who wrote for V.O.S’ Park Ji Heon’s “One Person” also worked on this track. The composer is Baek Min Hyuk with works such as The One’s “Winter Love” from That Winter, Wind Blows and M.C The Max’s “Just Looking” from Birth of a Beauty.

Fit with romantic and heart-tugging scenes from the drama, the song uses straightforward lyrics that express a painful yet powerful love.

Other songs included in this drama are “Spring is Gone by Chance” and “I’ll Pray Everyday.”

Take a look here: