T-ARA is dorky and sexy in “Little Apple” MV with Chopstick Brothers

After first unveiling their making of video of their music video “Little Apple,” T-ARA and China’s Chopstick Brothers shared the full music video of their trek in Korea hours later on November 24th.

Entering Korea with luggage full of apples, the Chopstick Brothers encounter a loving fan awaiting them, though they are quick to scatter. Upon reaching the outside world, F-IVE DOLLSSeunghee struts by them with an off shoulder white top and leather skirt, stealing the heart of the Chinese artists.

With Bruce Lee inspired track suits, large dorky glasses and pigtails, T-ARA seek the Chopstick Brothers, surrounded by loving ajhummas and halmeonis, to help them train as the next hot and sexy artists.

Check it out below!