T-ARA drops Chinese version of the MV for “So Crazy”

Days after releasing the music video for “So Crazy,” T-ARA released the Chinese version of the track and music video on August 13th.

Similar to the Korean version of the music video, T-ARA can be in sailor themed outfits where they not only showcased their vocals and choreography but also sent a short message to fans prior to the actual music video starting.

T-ARA released the original and Korean version of the music video on August 4th along with their new mini-album So Good. So Good is T-ARA’s eleventh album which includes the Korean and Chinese version of “So Crazy,” “The Reason We Broke Up,” “For You,” and the instrumental version of “So Crazy.”

Meanwhile, T-ARA’s QUEEN’S and One Direction’s Directioners have been in a dispute since Directioners accused QUEEN’S of cheating in Billboard’s “Fan Army Face Off.”

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