T-ARA releases making of film for single with Chopstick Brothers, “Little Apple”

T-ARA has officially dropped their collaboration single with the Chopstick Brothers on November 24th at noon KST, at the same time, releasing the official making film video for their new track, “Little Apple.”

Featuring T-ARA members Eunjung, Hyomin, Qri and Jiyeon, the four are accompanied by China’s Chopstick Brothers at Korea’s Han River, dressed in Bruce Lee inspired jumpsuits, pigtails and large rimmed glasses, giving them a nerdy look.

Hilarious scenes of the six singers are captured by the camera as the Chopstick Brothers “help” T-ARA work out on the gym equipment.

However, the girls transform into beautiful women as they take on the club night scene, and dance at a indoor water amusement park.

While “Little Apple” is sung mostly in Korean, the song retains its original Chinese lyrics at the chorus. Check out the song below!