T-ARA will drive you “So Crazy” with their marine girl concept in new MV teaser

After T-ARA released the first set of image teasers, the six-member group continued teasing fans as they released the music video teaser for “So Crazy” on July 31st.

As the music dropped, the six-member group can be seen working in a cafeteria where they can be seen cleaning as well as dealing with angry marine customers. The teaser continued as it transitioned to showcasing T-ARA dressed in sailor themed outfits where they showcased their choreography.

Prior to releasing the teaser for “So Crazy,” T-ARA released a set of image teasers where the members can be seen in sailor outfits while posing in what looks to be a dorm.

Meanwhile, the music video for “So Crazy” will be released on August 7th.