Tablo shares hilarious reaction video to BIGBANG’s “BAE BAE” MV

Tablo shares his own excitement for BIGBANG‘s return by releasing a short reaction video for their “BAE BAE” music video.

Looking intently at what is assumed to be a computer screen, Tablo seeps in the unique music video and music and towards the end of Seungri’s solo, brings down his hand from his mouth to give an almost creepy, but satisfied smile.

Fans who saw the video were happy with his reaction video, exclaiming, “What’s with that smile?” “Hahahahaha,” “Best reaction video ever,” “What kind of reaction video is that oppa? What does your smile mean?”

BIGBANG finally returned after a three-year group hiatus, releasing their double title track “LOSER” and “BAE BAE.” In less than two hours, “LOSER” achieved a near perfect all-kill.