Tablo talks about their departure from “Superman is Back”

Sitting down for an interview with Daily Sports, Tablo revealed why he decided to leave Superman is Back with Haru

It can be recalled that it has been almost a year since Tablo and Haru left the popular program Superman is Back and he finally explained the reason behind their departure. When asked about the program, Tablo responded, “Sometimes, we still watch the program” and explained that being on the show allowed them have glimpses of their life that they would have not been able to record as there would have been a lot of things going to be missed if parents filmed with their personal recording cameras. For Tablo, the program served as a record that they can always rewatch and revisit the places they think were fun.

Tablo also talked about Haru’s childhood being constantly recorded and revealed that, “I talked a lot with Haru and also sought advise from a doctor. The main reason we left the program was because she wanted to stop.” He added that as they played a lot during the filming of the program, Haru became uncomfortable of having cameras, a producer and writer coming to see them each month, interrupting their time.

As Haru decided that they could still have fun without the camera, they decided that there was no reason to continue with the program.

It was also in the same interview where Tablo talked about his role in HIGHGRND, along with plans for more children with wife,Kang Hye Jung.

Source: Daily Sports