Tablo wishes DJ Tukutz a happy birthday with a funny video

DJ Tukutz of Epik High celebrates his birthday on November 19th! Fellow Epik High member Tablo wished Tukutz a happy birthday in a funny way. Instead of uploading a video of himself wishing him a good one, Tablo posted a funny video of DJ Tukutz singing!

In the video, posted by Tablo on Instagram, DJ Tukutz is wearing the same suit and tie that he wore in the music video for Born Hater. The orange colored suit and polka-dotted shirt gives him the vibrant and liberal look. However in Tablo’s video, instead of wearing the tie around his neck, Tukutz ties it around his head to complement his cool sunglasses. And to top it off, it isn’t Tablo or Mithra singing, but Tukutz himself that sings the title track of band’s newest album, “Spoiler.”

The fans were surprised with DJ Tukutz’s hidden singing skills. Even though he was just trying to make fun of Tablo by imitating his singing, in a way Tukutz revealed his own capacity for singing to the fans. Fans reacted with, “OMG didn’t know that the DJ can sing it so well!”, “He sings like daradatatataaa lol”, “Oppa your voice is nice!” However Tablo seems like he can’t stop laughing at Tukutz.

Meanwhile, Tablo wrote in the caption, “Happy Birthday Jungseok (DJ Tukutz)! We have no limits. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUKUTZ!!!”

생일 축하해 정식아. 우리의 끝은 없다. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUKUTZ!!!

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Source: Tablo’s Instagram