Taewan (C-Luv) shares live acoustic version of “Sweater”

On Episode 8 of BrandNew Music’s Feel Brand New, Taewan shared a live acoustic version of his latest winter track “Sweater” as performed at the BrandNew Music New Year’s Party.

After having released the track on various online sites on December 26th, Taewan shared a live performance for fans to relive.

The video begins with a suave introduction of Taewan’s previous releases such as Whatcha Step while showing footage of the party. Next, the clip transitions to Taewan’s speaking on stage as he announces the title of his track, “Sweater.”

The song has a smooth, wintery feel with the muted sound of the electric guitar and bass. Taewan’s soft and comforting vocals soon fills the ears of those present. The cheerful background vocalists add a playful flavor to the song as he launches into the moving chorus.

The mood of the refreshing track is perfect for the cold season as Taewan’s lyrics promise to keep listeners warm. The soulful R&B piano and percussion fades away as the episode comes to an end.

Check out the video here: