Taeyeon gains attention for hilarious photo of her stomach

On December 17th, Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon received a lot of attention over her Instagram post of her stomach.

At first, netizens were not sure whose stomach it was but Taeyeon posted a picture of tangerine peels making a face on a stomach.

However, Taeyeon was quick to comment and clarify details for the fans by saying “Of course it’s my stomach. Whose would it be?” and also commented “I think I gained weight to prepare for hibernation. Eat a lot of tangerines everyone. Recharge on vitamins.” She also commented, “I don’t have a mole on my stomach it’s on my side dummy” further proving the fact that it was her stomach.

Recently, Taeyeon was in Japan with Girls’ Generation for their The Best Live Tokyo Dome concert where more than 50,000 fans created a pink ocean for the girls.

Girl’s Generation is also nominated for awards such as Best Female Group, Song of the Year and Most Loyal Fanbase for Koreaboo’s 2014 International Hallyu Awards.

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Source: My Daily