Taeyeon looking embarrassed after rookie groups come out during “Gee”

An adorable reaction from Taeyeon has gained attention from a netizen when she was seen looking embarrassed at a recent performance.

Posted on September 14th on Pann titled “Taeyeon rehearsing, embarrassed during ‘Gee’ dance” was published with the poster writing, “Why is this sparkly dress so pretty? I was shocked for a bit…… I guess Taeyeon was a little embarrassed after all of the rookie artists were storming out when she was touching her microphone… She burst in laughter.. hahahahaha.”

In the Taeyeon focused video in which Girls’ Generation is doing a rehearsal for their hit track “Gee,” the members are seen in beautiful sparkling dresses. Throughout the video, Taeyeon can be seen fiddling with her microphone brick hidden under her dress and onto her safety shorts. As the rookie girl groups come out – April, SONAMOO, Red Velvet – and onto the stage to participate with their seniors, Taeyeon begins to cutely laugh in embarrassment.

The original poster continues to say, “But now that I realize about Girls’ Generation…. They are like a real elder group amongst idols… There are so many junior groups under them… News of BoA being an ancient idol doesn’t surprise me either…”

This performance took place during MBC‘s live airing of the DMC Festival on September 12th in lieu of the original broadcast of Music Core. Girls’ Generation also changed into different stage outfits as the one they were originally wearing were found to be too troublesome in terms of their choreography and microphones.

Source: Pann