[★VIDEO] Taeyeon overwhelmed with emotions and cries at “Very Special Day” concert

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon was flooded with emotion as she met her fans through SM Entertainment’s concert series, The AGIT.

On October 30th, Taeyeon continued to hold live performances through her solo concert Very Special Day, which was also aired live through Naver’s V App. A significant incident, however, happened in the middle of her performance where Taeyeon was seen to have been overwhelmed with emotions and cried. The fans then on showed their support by singing along as she continued with her performance.

After the performance, the singer was seen sitting on the side of the stage before saying, “You are surprised, right? I’m sorry” and apologised once more to her fans, while the live broadcast was eventually cut.

It was later on detailed by fans through various accounts that the singer talked about the success of her solo promotions before apologising once more for not being able to perform well. Through the accounts, it was also revealed that Yoona comforted her fellow member and hugged her onstage.

Check out the short clip below.

151030 Taeyeon’s Special Day Taeyeon – I [ V app ] by sdftesttest2

Source: Star News