Taeyeon searches for herself in visually stunning “I” MV ft. Verbal Jint

The music video for Taeyeon‘s hit solo track “I” has finally been released, featuring an appearance by rapper Verbal Jint himself.

Published on October 7th and 12 hours after her mini-album release, Taeyeon revealed her visually beautiful and stunning music video.

Traveling all the way to New Zealand for this music video, one version of Taeyeon is seen enjoying the freedom and gorgeous surroundings of the country’s countryside while another version reveals a hardworking Taeyeon as a waitress.

The waitress Taeyeon is eventually fed up with her boss, who continues to yell at her for her fault, and storms out of the restaurant-bar with pride.

“I” just recently achieved an all-kill status on digital real-time charts.

The first performance for “I” will take place on Mnet‘s M! Countdown on October 8th.