TAHITI announces comeback with sexy teaser video

After six months of inactivity, TAHITI tells fans to look forward to their comeback while releasing teaser clips from their upcoming music video.

Back in June 2014, TAHITI had released their most recent music video, “Oppa You’re Mine,” where they introduced new member Jerry to the group. Since then, the girl group remained inactive for about six months without a word. However, after a long wait TAHITI finally announced that they are making preparations for their comeback.

On January 4th, DreamStar Entertainment revealed  a teaser video for TAHITI’s upcoming mini album and music video. Through a series of clips, the members are seen swaying their hips back and forth in a dim set with lights shining brightly behind them. The girls show off their sexy curves and dance moves as they reveal parts of the dance to their new song.

Like their last comeback, TAHITI will be promoting as five members rather than seven. Nevertheless, TAHITI tells their fans to look forward to their music video and mini album which will be released very shortly.