Tahiti’s Jerry covers Joss Stone and asks fans to send cover requests

On December 10th, Tahiti‘s Jerry uploaded a video where she covered Joss Stone and asked fans to send her song requests.

A few months ago Jerry had uploaded a series called “Singing Mouse,” and now she is back with a new way of engaging with her loyal fans. She posted a video with the caption “Twice a month I will a video to Facebook as a gift to you all! Today’s song is Joss Stone’s ‘Put your hands on me.’ Please leave me lots of song requests.”

In the video Jerry also says that if fans have other comments or messages for her or they have a special event they are celebrating to leave her a comment wither via Tahiti’s official Facebook or YouTube accounts.

She then goes on to sing her cover of Joss Stone and executes it flawlessly with a great English pronunciation. Fans have already started asking her for requests in the comments with great anticipation for  her next cover.