Take a step into miss A member Fei’s daily life in new episode of “Real miss A”

Fei is the next miss A member up on the latest episode of Real miss A, released on March 28th, showing fans her daily routines.

In the fourth episode of real miss A, following virtual dates with SuzyMin, and Jia, Fei is first seen introducing herself while preparing to leave for Idol True Colors. However, before attending the Idol True Colors, she makes a quick stop to one of her favorite beauty stores, Espoir. After recording her last appearance, Fei celebrates her time on Idol True Colors with the staff.

When asked about her upcoming comeback, Fei says, “I feel great and nervous at the same time,” and “I think everyone, ah, not everyone, but many people will like the new song. It has a popular appeal.

Meanwhile, with miss A set to release their 7th project Colors on March 30th, anticipation is running high after their highlight medley teaser which was released on March 27th.