Taeyeon is the first runner for SM’s weekly music release project with “Rain” MV teaser

The official video teaser for Taeyeon‘s upcoming new track “Rain” has been released on January 27th following the announcement of SM Entertainment’s new project celebrating their 21st year anniversary.

On January 27th, agency founder and producer Lee Soo Man presented five projects to the public, one of which regarded their new boy group “New Culture Technology,” or NCT.

Another project is a weekly music release through SM’s new digital music STATION which will begin with Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon, who made her debut just a few months ago with “I.” She will be releasing the track “Rain” for which a video teaser was released later in the same day of the announcement and can be found below.

STATION will feature a new track every week for the next year, including but not limited to SM’s artists, producers, composer collaborations, and more.

Meanwhile, the new boy group NCT is garnering a conflict as it was announced to have limitless numbers of members as its members could leave and join based on the situation. The group would be split into different units and promote in various areas around the globe with Lee Soo Man noting that this is the “last stage of the Hallyu Wave.” Units are set to be sent in Beijing and Shanghai in the second of the year, followed by others in Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Source: MBN