TEEN TOP introduces “I’m Sorry” in 1theK’s “#Hashtag” interview!

After releasing their comeback track “I’m Sorry,” TEEN TOP returns to the screen on 1theK‘s #Hashtag interview.

On November 11th, 1theK released TEEN TOP’s #Hashtag interview, where they explain the premise of “I’m Sorry” and delve into other hashtags.

Explaining how their song “I’m Sorry” is about a man who is continuously pining over a girl who has left him, Niel sings a live snippet for fans. Sidetracking from this topic, Teen Top brings up L.Joe‘s strong passion for acting, and remarks how at one point he had recorded a practice video of himself bawling from coming home to an empty dorm after a night of drinking.

When asked about #Angels_and_Pepero, TEEN TOP exhibited their generosity as they explained how they prepared Pepero for their Angels who have gone to their fan meeting. With this, each member picked an idol from which they would like to receive a Pepero from, and a mixture of both cool and cute answers were made. When Ricky filmed his impromptu Pepero commercial, his aegyo-filled tactics landed him a kick from one of his fellow members, much to everyone’s amusement.

Recently, TEEN TOP has been promoting “I’m Sorry,” their title track for their repackaged album 20’s LOVE TWO ÉXITO  which was released on November 10th.