Teen Top’s Niel completes hashtag interview on 1theK for solo debut

On February 17th, 1theK uploaded Teen Top member Niel‘s hashtag interview regarding his solo debut onto their official YouTube channel.

Niel’s first hashtag was “#oNIELy.” He explained its meaning, which is “only music that he can do.” He said that his voice is what defines him and that he is well-supported by his fellow Teen Top members.

His second hashtag was “#Lovekiller,” which is the title track to his solo album. He talks about the song’s characteristics, especially touching on the lyrics. He even goes on to explain different types of girls and admits that he doesn’t think he wants his future girlfriend to go to a club. Niel teases fans with a short a capella version of “Love Killer” before discussing which of the Teen Top members is the “baddest/evilest” of them all.

Niel asked his fans to send in pictures through Twitter to tell him who he looks like. The responses are pretty hilarious, as one fan even sends in a picture suggesting that he looks like an octopus! Teen Top member L.Joe even sent in a funny picture to Niel that you don’t want to miss!

Niel’s third hashtag was “#Andior.” He explains that he is getting older but doesn’t think he is “jaw-droppingly” sexy yet and that he wasn’t able to show any skin besides his collarbones in any of the photographs for his solo album. His fourth hashtag was “#Gong_Jin_Dan_Power.” Niel told the story of eating “Gong Jin Dan” for energy during his music video shoot which was thirty hours long.

His last hashtag was “#HoNIEL” because people say that his voice is sweet. He even suggests that people may not be able to stop listening to it once they start. He finished up his interview asking for support of his solo album.

Check out NIEL’s hashtag interview on 1theK below! You don’t want to miss it!

Source: 1theK’s Official YouTube Channel