Thai students create perfect cover of BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire”

A group of young girls from Thailand recently released an adorable dance cover of BLACKPINK‘s latest song “Playing With Fire.” 

Uploaded on YouTube channel DEKSORKRAO เด็กเซาะกราว, the video features four girls recreating the music video, shot by shot. In addition to skillfully performing the song’s difficult choreography, the cover is also able to capture all the beautiful scenes from the original video in a very amusing fashion.

While the original “Playing With Fire” video has a rather dark and serious tone, the girls’ parody version takes on a much lighter mood. Since its release, many fans have praised the video for its original take on a cover video, as well as the girls’ dancing skills despite their young age. It was their first attempt at a K-Pop cover, having done Thai and US covers in the past, but they handled the challenge well.

Check out the cover below: