[★VIDEO] “The Celebrity” takes you behind the scene of Super Junior Donghae’s pictorial

On December 23rd, The Celebrity fashion magazine released a short video of Super Junior Donghae’s photoshoot, revealing additional shots previously not seen in the original release.

The video, which runs for slightly over a minute, featured cuts of the singer in a variety of different suits as he posed for pictures in a quiet street. Looking dapper in all of his outfits, Donghae didn’t fail to impress fans, who responded to the video with overwhelmingly positive messages, such as, “Donghae is soooo handsome. ㅠㅠ“, I’m dying here because of too much hotness,” and “Wow Donghae so cute.”

The video, titled midnight RUN : DONGHAE, featured slow music and was recorded solely in black and white, accentuating the Super Junior member’s classy look. Whether it be classic suit and tie, or a casual blazer and turtleneck, the singer looked handsome rocking each and every one of his many ensembles.

Make sure to check out the video from Donghae’s pictorial with The Celebrity below!