These 12 K-Pop Idols Look Absolutely Stunning In Tank Tops With Great Body Volume And Abs

With the summer season quickly approaching, female idols will definitely be looking into tank tops for maximum comfort and style. 

But while tank tops will be incredibly popular this summer, not everyone can pull off the look as well as others. In fact, media outlet Dispatch recently released a list of the female idols who have the body volume and abs that look best in tank tops, stunning fans with their incredible bodies.

1 tank top

4MINUTE‘s Hyuna

2 hyuna

AOA‘s Seolhyun

3 seolhyun

miss A‘s Suzy

4 suzy

TWICE‘s Tzuyu

5 tzuyu

Secret‘s Hyosung

6 hyosung

Dal Shabet‘s Subin

7 subin

9MUSES‘s Kyungri

8 kyungri

Rainbow‘s Jaekyung

9 jaekhyung

miss A‘s Fei

10 fei

Girls‘ Generation‘s Sunny

11 sunny

SISTAR‘s Soyou

12 soyou

TWICE‘s Momo

13 momo

Source: Dispatch