This New K-Pop Girl-Group’s “Odd” Name Is Stirring Controversy In Korea For Being “Inappropriate”

K-pop groups are known for having interesting names, ranging from odd acronyms to totally nonsensical phrases. 

However, a new girl group has a name so unique that even Korean fans have been scratching their heads over why the group chose such a name. The three member group, whose name is C.Bar (also stylized as CIVA), sounds eerily similar to popular Korean curse word ssibal,  a word often used to insult someone.

In hangul, the group’s name C.Bar is written as 씨바, whereas the curse word is written 시발, only a few strokes off. With the two words being so close, Korean fans can’t help but to wonder if the name was chosen on purpose to gain attention.

The group is currently featured on Mnet show The God of Music 2! Check out a clip from the show below:

Source: Instiz