This Video Shows How South Korea Reacted to Hip-Hop Infecting its Youth in 1998

The diaspora of the hip-hop culture spread quickly and efficiently throughout the world as soon as it became accessible to the eyes and souls of the youth. It became the language that young people speak, which created a barrier between them and the older generations who simply could not understand it.

The video below documents how South Koreans, both old and young, reacted to hip-hop becoming an absolute phenomenon in the peninsula.

As expected, the older people in the video express their contempt for the culture which they refuse to even accept as music. The youth, however, explain that hip-hop is even bigger than just music; it’s a lifestyle. You can see it in their oversized jeans and bubble jackets reminiscent of the Wu-Tang videos of the same era. The mannerisms of hip-hop and the way we walk even traveled from The States to the other side of the world. However, as receptive as the youth were, the elder generations were equally dismissive.

This reaction wasn’t exclusive to Korea. This is how hip-hop was received all around the globe including here in America, the birthplace of the culture. This happened with rock & roll, punk, and of course, hip-hop. Regardless of the older generations disdain for these counter-cultures, it is the youth who dictate the future and who will carry the torch that lights the way for the next generation (who we will probably not understand, as well). Hip-hop was, and is, contagious. Not in the way a sickness is, but in the way a smile is. Positivity and knowledge will continue to push the culture, as it always has, in all parts of the world.

.1998년 대한민국 힙합 – 1편추억자료는 –> 시간여행자

Posted by 시간여행자 on Monday, February 1, 2016

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