This Is What Thor: Ragnarok Would Be Like If It Was A K-Drama

It’s so accurate and yet so hilarious!

Have you ever wondered what your favorite movies would be like if they were filmed like a K-Drama? Whether or not you have thought about it, a video has been making the rounds on the internet and the results are as awesome as you would expect!

Who knew that an action packed movie like “Thor: Ragnarok” could translate so well into a K-Drama!


The clip features arguably one of the best scenes in the movie and you can’t help but think that you could find something like this in a K-Drama too!

Nothing like a little friendly banter between two main characters to tickle your funny bone! And the scene even came complete with subtitles.


While we are already blessed with a Korean voice-over and subtitles, the scene only gets better from there! Just like in a K-Drama, we get an epic and dramatic scene cut signaling the end of the episode!

It even includes a the ending song from Goblin to make the scene even more dramatic!


And just when you think it couldn’t get even more relatable, the video throws in some dramatic scenes for the ending credits!

Plus the credits even come complete with the sponsorship logos!


Netizens have been loving the hilarious combination and who can blame them?


Netizens are in love with the video and you will be too! Check out the full video below to experience all the K-Drama magic and get ready to laugh at how accurate this truly is!

Source: @m_isschief