Tiger JK shows off his brand new EXO “EXODUS” signed album

Hip-hop artist and rapper Tiger JK shows off his brand new EXODUS album by EXO with his followers on his SNS accounts.

Not only did he receive an album from his juniors, but the group did not forget to write a personal message just for their senior. Posted on April 15th, Tiger JK writes, “I become my neighbor’s kid’s hero. Turns out one of my friend produced the song #exo#smallbigworld.”

The album, a Korean version and Xiumin-gold colored edition, the handwritten message reads, “To Tiger JK sunbaenim. Thank you for releasing such awesome songs, I will be anticipating your amazing rap  again, please show us love for our new comeback ‘Call Me Baby.'”

While Tiger JK has released the album Wondaland with his wife Yoon Mi Rae and friend Bizzy under the group MFBTY, EXO has been busy promoting their title track “Call Me Baby.”

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