[★VIDEO] TINT celebrates their 1st anniversary

TINT, a girl group under GH Entertainment, celebrated their 1-year anniversary by releasing a “question and answer” video for fans on October 30th. 

TINT is comprised of five members, which include Mei, SangmiMirimJamie and Minnie. The group debuted exactly one year ago with their single, “Love at First Sight”, and also released “Wolf is Stupid” earlier this year.

On the day of their anniversary, their agency GH Entertainment released a video on YouTube for their fans to enjoy. The video started with the girls individually answering questions posed to them by fans and later cut to show all the fan mail they’ve received from fans who wished them a happy one year anniversary.

The girls then each read a letter they wrote to commemorate one year since their debut, thanking fans for all their support and urging them to continue to support TINT. The members also decorated each letter in their own artistic ways, ranging from stickers to a self-portrait.

TINT definitely showed their genuine gratitude for fans and an appreciation for what they have. Congratulations to the group on their one year anniversary! Check out the video below!