TMZ employee in EXID controversy revealed to have history of racism against Asians

Following the controversy regarding TMZ’s coverage of EXID’s Los Angeles arrival, fans have uncovered an older video of the same TMZ woman.

Although a recent skit on SNL Korea seems to show the girls taking the incident in stride through parody, fans took to finding this old video of the same TMZ cast member.

The focus of the clip surrounds an interview with Step Up 3 actor Joe Slaughter as he was questioned about a practice in Korea to make larger parking spaces for women. He replied in agreement, declaring that these spots should be brought to the United States for all Asians. This answer got the laughs of many in the studio out of ridicule.

In response to this, the TMZ cast member shared a story about her roommate: “My roommate is Asian – she is full blown Chinese. And she openly talks about how she is a bad driver and she does blame it on her genetics. Because of her eyes. It’s not something that’s a bad thing if you, you know, maybe someone can be born with a big nose and you can’t turn all the way. But in her case, it’s her eyes!”

Throughout her telling of this anecdote, the surrounding cast members could hold in their laughter at her ridiculous statements.

Take a look at the uncovered video here: