[★FEATURE] TOP 10 Moments of Running Man Episode #244

In episode 242, the Running Man members, paired with their lovely fiancees, try to evade their ousting fate by the Dangerous Couple. The female guests, including AOA’s Choa, rapper Jessi, actresses Kim Yoo Ri and Seo Ye Ji, and comedian Jang Do Yeon all reveal their charms in this action packed episode. Who will be the final winning couple? Check out our TOP 10 moments from this week’s episode below! Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

1. Sukjin’s wedding walk of happiness
He was beaming as he walked down the aisle with his actress partner in the beginning. Jaesuk seemed to notice his unbelievable happiness, commenting that Sukjin wasn’t even this happy when he walked down the aisle with his actual wife!

2. Kwangsoo’s egg mishap
After hearing Haha’s egg theory, Kwangsoo tested it himself by squeezing the egg as hard as he could. Unfortunately, the laws of physics still hold true in Running Man, and the egg did end up breaking…all over Jessi. At least eggs are good for your hair?

3. Jessi’s eggcelent punches
Trying to break Gary’s eggs, Jessi repeatedly punched Gary’s fists, hoping they would get crushed. Poor Gary, that must have hurt!

4. Sukjin’s last resort egg save
Seeing the competitors approaching him, he tries saving his egg using his last resort: popping it into his mouth. This doesn’t stop Jessi though, as she ended up sticking her fingers in his mouth to crack the egg! Be careful, Jessi’s one tough cookie!

5. Jaesuk’s eggs flying, falling…finished
What more can I say about his accidental trip? ._.

6. Gary’s distraction by his pretty partner
Who cares about getting hit multiple times on the head with a metal disc when you can just look at your pretty partner’s face? It was even funnier that he ended up getting hit after his right answer. Oh Gary, you looked absolutely smitten with Seo Ye Ji~

7. Sukjin’s wake up call
I think we were all amused by both Kim Yoo Ri’s acting and Sukjin’s responses.

8. Watch out, Jessi 2.0 is heading your way!
Jang Do Yeon really nailed her impression of Jessi, from her way of speech to her idiosyncrasies.

9. Jaesuk’s bum kick
Just…ouch o_o

10. Jihyo’s and Kwangsoo’s victory!
The ending was so unexpected! I didn’t know which I loved more, their surprised reactions or Kwangsoo’s impromptu aisle roll! The Lady of Fortune strikes again!