Topp Dogg show off their dance moves in Cho PD’s “Candy” MV teaser ft. Bada

Producer and artist Cho PD is making a return with his new mini-album, and has recruited veteran idol singer Bada for his title track “Candy.”

Ahead of the its release however, a teaser for his music video was released on March 15th, and has delighted fans with the short cameo appearance of hip-hop group Topp Dogg, a group produced and signed under Cho PD’s label Stardom Entertainment.

With a groovy music track playing in the background, S.E.S member Bada belts out her unique and powerful vocals, appearing through various life ads as a middle-aged man is seen re-discovering his love for music. Topp Dogg showcase their hip moves in an underground tunnel, and the man proves age is nothing as he blows them away with his own b-boy moves.

“Candy” is the title track for Cho PD’s The Goose That Lays Golden Eggs: Part 1, and is scheduled for release on March 18th.