Trending glasses fashion started by Korean idols?

Recently, a new trend has slowly but surely taken over the streets of Korea. The trend of glasses. Started by celebrities (mostly idols) this ‘Harry Potter glasses syndrome’ has almost everyone wearing round glasses.

Korean idols and celebrities are known to start trending fashion trends starting from clothes, hair and even accessories. During this summer, the girl groups and female idols started the trend of wearing shorter and shorter pants. A Pink Son Naeun started the Adidas brand leggings to go viral by wearing them in A Pink’s choreography videos. What is the latest fashion trend that celebrities started?

Originally posted on Pann, netizens discuss the glasses style that is recently trending.

Titled “Recently Trending Glasses Hahaha,” here is the direct translation of the post and comments below.

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“This is the Harry Potter style round glasses..

Because many celebrities were wearing them, so many ordinary people are wearing them these days hahahahahaha It only looks good on them because they are celebrities.. They look disgusting when ordinary people put them on hahahahahahaah So please stop wearing them… Wear normal glasses please” 

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[ +234 / -4] ? There are only round or square shaped glasses. F*ck, people who have bad eye sight are sad already but why do they have to stress over what to wear?

[ +172 / -7] What do you mean by that it looks good on them because they are celebrities hahahaahahaha Celebrities are human too, why are you treating them like Gods and Goddesses.

[ +37 / 0] If we wear square glasses, you say we look like nerds. If we wear huge square glasses, you say it is too common. And now with round glasses, you say it is disgusting. Then f*ck, you guys buy glasses for us

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