[★TRENDING] JYJ break down into tears singing TVXQ5 song “Begin”

On November 18, JYJ opened up their 3rd Japan dome tour Ichigo Ichie and ended up having an emotional stage as they sang “Begin,” a song from their days as 5 in TVXQ.

“Begin” was a single released in 2006 after TVXQ held their 4th Japan tour. It has now been about 5 years since the members of JYJ split from TVXQ and it seems that they still have scars left in their hearts. As they sang “Begin” to their fans, the members could not hold back their emotions and let out tears. The tour, Ichigo Ichie, harnesses the meaning of “once in a lifetime meeting” and they promised to show fans and new more powerful side to them.

Regarding their performance, Jaejoong tweeted out “Don’t cry… Don’t cry…. We thought to keep it in between us 3 members. It was difficult, since we thought that letting you hear a good song was the most important. We’ll work hard tomorrow, so passionately! More than ever, let’s play passionately!

Meanwhile, there have been reports that on November 24 it might be possible that JYJ and TVXQ will be attending the same event for the first time since their split.

Check out the fan videos below of the emotional performance: