TRITOPS releases sentimental “Missing You Missing You Missing You” MV teaser

On April 12th, male vocal group TRITOPS revealed a teaser ahead of their upcoming comeback for their track “Missing You Missing You Missing You.”

Starring TRITOPS’ Ilgoon and Japanese model Riko Nakamine, the sentimental music video teaser shows the two separated.

As Ilgoon lies on his best, restless but sad, he watches a short video on his phone featuring the Japanese model. Her adorable image can be heard giving a miniature tour of where she is now before signing off with “I miss you! I love you!”

An R&B styled electric guitar entrance and jazzy rhythm builds up to a vocal climax as the group’s powerful vocals can be heard owning high notes at the end of the video.

The featuring of Riko Nakamine seems to build on the group’s heavy Japanese following as they achieved high rankings on the Oricon charts before and have gone on tours through Japan as well.

The full track will be released on April 15th so stay tuned!

Take a look here:

Source: Economy Today