TRITOPS returns with cute MV for “Sorry That I’m Ugly”

On June 9th, male vocal group TRITOPS made a splash with their comeback track “Sorry That I’m Ugly.”

Different from their last track “Missing You Missing You Missing You,” this tune composed by leader Hyungmoon has an upbeat melody and fun rhythm.

In the creative music video, the leading couple seems to encounter issues. While the female (played by GI’s Eunji) shows her adorable charms such as flirting at a cafe and basketball court or trying to hold hands while on a scenic walk, the male (rookie actor Lee Seung Jae) flinches away from these advances and pulls out his phone instead.

However, after a short fight the couple reaches their happily ever after as the groovy R&B track comes to a close.

The group is set to release full albums in Korea and Japan this coming August.

Check it out here:

Source: Sports Donga