TWICE Chaeyoung and IOI Somi’s Old Street Interviews Resurface Online After Debut

An old video of Chaeyoung and Somi prior to their debut caught quite an interest from their fans after it resurfaced online. 

A reuploaded version of the street interview circulated on Youtube where it featured the two singers filmed in a random street interview.

The interview was from an Afreeca TV streaming session where the broadcasting jockeys (BJs) asked a few questions from the members after losing on their own date, not knowing the two were trainees under JYP Entertainment at the time. Despite being foreigners, Chaeyoung and Somi also agreed for a quick song as they completed the jockeys’ dare.

Before leaving the program, the two members, however, introduced themselves and revealed that they will be appearing on Mnet’s Sixteen.

Chaeyoung went on to win Sixteen and join TWICE, while Somi joined Produce 101 for I.O.I.