TWICE’s Dahyun shocks “Weekly Idol” with her extreme flexibility demonstrations

Weekly Idol and their guests cannot hide their surprise after discovering Dahyun’s extreme flexibility. 

On August 24th, TWICE’s Dahyun joined G-Friend’s SinB, GOT7’s Jackson and Monsta X’s Jooheon for the “Idols are the Best Special” episode of Weekly Idol. 

During the broadcast, the guests were subjected to a number of challenges, one of which was an attempt to test their flexibility. Dahyun’s confidence prevailed and stated “This is too easy” as she agreed to the challenge. Receiving praise for coordinating her socks with her outfit, the singer posed on the mat and bent backwards. As the singer’s toes touched not only the top of her head but also her shoulders, the panel members and guests alike cannot help but react tremendously to her flexibility.

She also won the challenge of wearing trousers without the use of her hands and was applauded even more for her expertise.

Dahyun was initially famous for her dancing skills before she was scouted to join JYP Entertainment. 

Source: Dispatch