This Is How TWICE’s Jeongyeon Looks Like With A Male Filter

Fans have dubbed the photos as “Jungyeon”.

Some ONCEs decided to see how Jeongyeon would look like as a male and placed a filter on a few of her photos. The photos prove one thing: Jeongyeon would look extremely handsome if they were born a male.

Some have since named male Jeongyeon “Jungyeon” and are freaking out over how good-looking the TWICE member is as a male.

Some are saying that Jungyeon looks like a few male idols. Some have pointed out that the photos resemble former EXO member Luhan

As well as former WANNA ONE member and soloist Park Jihoon.

Many even said that Jungyeon would blend in well with the members of NCT!

Check out more photos of male Jeongyeon a.k.a Jungyeon here!

Source: The Qoo