TWICE’s Jeongyeon Proves She Can Rock Hair At Any Length


We all know that TWICE Jeongyeon‘s short hair is her trademark hairstyle, but in all honesty, she can pull off hair of any length. From super short to luscious waves, Jeongyeon proves she’s a goddess no matter what.




Short Cut

While most female idol groups sport long hair, Jeongyeon is truly one of the top female idols that can pull of the super-short hair look.





















Short Bob

Short hair is totally her thing, but adding color to it just upgrades her visuals!























How does she manage to pull off even the most awkward length hairstyles?
























Her beauty shines right through even with longer hair.


























Uh, can you say goddess?






















It’s safe to say that Jeongyeon is truly flawless no matter what length of hair she rocks! Which style do you like the best?