TWICE’s Nayeon Wins The Hearts Of Fans With Impressive Name Tag Race Skills On “Running Man”

Rookie girl group TWICE recently appeared on popular variety show Running Man as special guests, and participated in the show’s legendary name tag race game. 

And while all the girls were praised for their variety skills and charming personalities, group member Nayeon has received praise for her displaying her impressive skills in the game, despite it being her first time on the program. In addition to fending off the entire opposing team and distracting Kim Jong Kook with a “Shy Shy Shy” aegyo, the TWICE member was able to avoid elimination altogether after getting her hair stuck to her name tag.

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After making their debut late last year, TWICE made their first comeback with “Cheer Up.” The track has been incredibly popular Korea, achieving multiple perfect all-kills and garnering over 43 million views since its release in late April. Check out the music video for “Cheer Up” below: