TWICE’s Sana Praised For Her Genuine Concern For Her Fans After Saving Fan From Falling

A video is quickly gaining attention after a recording catches TWICE member Sana helping a fan after noticing them falling.

Published on May 25th on YouTube, the video follows TWICE as they walk through the narrow pathway with their manager directing them and the bodyguards separating them from fans. At around the 10-second mark, Sana can be seen quickly going off to the side before getting pulled back in by her manager.

According to fans, Sana had caught a fan who was getting pushed by others and fell. Acting faster than the personnel who were much closer to the fan than Sana herself and without hesitation, fans are praising Sana for the idol being so concern for her fans right off the bat as she was getting escorted through.

TWICE continues to see a rise in popularity with their track “Cheer Up” maintaining a strong digital presences on the charts. They have thus far racked up nine wins for their song on music shows, recently obtaining a triple crown on Inkigayo.