U-Kiss calls you their Japanese “Sweetie”

U-Kiss has just released a new Japanese music video, titled “Sweetie.” On November 21st, Kevin surprised Kissmes on his Instagram when he uploaded pictures of U-Kiss’ upcoming song “Sweetie.”

In the video, the boys sweetly serenade the viewers, placing them in the girlfriend seat. In the video, the boys are all getting ready for a special girl, from creating a piano piece, shaving, to making sweets. Nervous and anxious are the boys as they wait for the unknown girl who has captured their affections. After the long and heart-wrenching wait, the boys’ love is the viewer! The boys then lovingly dote on the viewer, surprising and placing them in a series of individual scenarios with each of the boys. In the end, the boys leave the video with an upclose and personal surprise for their fans.

This ballad will sure to surprise and make fans fall in love more with the boys.

Also, U-Kiss has been busily preparing for their tours throughout Japanese. These concerts are all planned to be within December.

Check out the adorable video below!