[★TRENDING] Uee and Kwanghee to finally meet over Kwanghee’s endless love calls

After School‘s Uee will finally meet with ZE:A‘s Kwanghee after his endless love calls to her in an upcoming episode.

The June 20th airing of Infinite Challenge ended with a preview that surprised viewers at Uee’s sudden appearance for next week’s show.

Kwanghee has previously made several mentions and expressing his wish of having Uee on the show. Finally, the two artists will finally meet which has raised the expectations of viewers.

In the preview, Uee receives a warm welcome from the cast members (sans Kwanghee), making them fall in love with her radiating and unique charm. She is later seen waiting for Kwanghee by her lonesome with the latter showing his shock of finally getting the chance to meet her.

What will happen during their meeting? Find out on the June 27th episode to air next week!

Source: TV Daily