UNIQ releases dance practice video for “EOEO”

UNIQ continues to release dance practice videos as they revealed one for their comeback track “EOEO” on May 8th.

As the beats dropped, the five-member group showcased their powerful choreography, incorporating the use of jumping stunts with their energetic teamwork. UNIQ continued to capture the viewer’s attention as their sexy choreography went hand in hand with the hip-hop track.

EOEO” is a hip-hop track that was released as UNIQ’s comeback track on April 24th. Since the release of the track, they have also released the dance version of the music video in addition to teaching fans the choreography. Although “EOEO” is their title track, UNIQ also revealed the dance practice video for “Listen to Me.”

Meanwhile, UNIQ has released their first mini-album on April 24th, which consists of the tracks “EOEO,” “Luv Again,” “Listen to Me,” “Falling in Love,” and “Born to Fight.”