UNIQ releases dance version MV for “EOEO”

After UNIQ released the music video for their comeback track “EOEO,” they released the dance version of the music video on April 30th.

While the beat dropped, fire that spelled out “EOEO” appeared in the background as UNIQ revealed their powerful choreography. The five-member group truly held a strong comeback as their choreography showcased both their charisma and skills.

Throughout the dance version of the music video, the members also showcased a new concept with their urban hip hop track. UNIQ debuted with a bright track about love and won over fan’s heart with the song “Falling in Love,” however UNIQ showcased their hip hop and grungy concept with their newest release.

UNIQ released the music video and held their comeback with the song “EOEO” on April 24th. In addition, they released their first mini-album which consists of the tracks “EOEO,” “Luv Again,” “Listen to Me,” “Falling in Love,” and “Born to Fight.”

Check out their sick moves here: