UNIQ releases jacket making video for “Falling in Love”

Recently debuting with both the Chinese and Korean versions of their song “Falling in Love“, UNIQ has revealed a jacket making film, where they sing an English version of the song!

On November 6th, 1theK unveiled UNIQ’s jacket making video for their debut digital single Falling in Love. Dressed in a variety of styles, the members model in a warm, bright environment, with their equally bright smiles and demeanors. The photo-shoot took place in a multitude of places, and the members can be seen having fun, from jumping into the base of a waterfall to skateboarding down a hill. As a surprise, UNIQ used an English version of their song in this video, truly showing everyone that language is no barrier for this Chinese-Korean group!

Recently, UNIQ has been promoting “Falling in Love” on various music shows and have appeared on 1theK’s Let’s Dance.