UNIQ reveals making film for “Luv Again”

After UNIQ released the music video for “Luv Again,” the five-member group released the making film for the upbeat love song on June 5th.

As “Luv Again” was playing in the background, the video showcased the members on the set of the music video as they were seen roaming around the sunny city. UNIQ was seen enjoying their time at the beach, playing with dogs, and more.

Luv Again” was released on May 22nd where they sincerely sang from their hearts as if they wanted to capture the heart of their first love again. Along with this track, UNIQ released their 1st mini-album which includes the tracks “EOEO,” “Listen to Me,” “Falling in Love,” “Boring to Fight,” and “Luv Again.”

Meanwhile, UNIQ held a strong comeback as they released the music video for “EOEO” on April 24th.